• Energy Metering and Monitoring

    The first steps to reduce energy costs are proactive behavior and a well-planned energy consumption strategy. This process starts with measuring and monitoring energy consumption patterns and understanding the cost structure of existing energy spend.

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  • Energy Efficiency

    Implementing adequate Energy Efficient Solutions is the next step to responsibly reduce energy consumption. PointVerde provides our clients with a tailored efficiency solutions package, consistent with the initial energy consumption assessment, as well as an effective implementation service. Significant savings can be accomplished using state of the art technology in HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, building envelope and other consumption areas.

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  • System Automation

    The most energy efficient scenario includes the integration of software with energy efficient technologies creating an intelligent infrastructure that understands the energy consumption patterns of our clients. PointVerde's system automation solution provides our client with this service and thus maximizes cost reduction in the energy category.

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